How To Make Chocolate Pudding | Floating Like A Floating Cloud

You can make delicious chocolate pudding just by heating it up in the microwave, mixing it up, and letting it cool. The trick is to chill thoroughly with ice until it thickens before putting it in the fridge.

♥ Ingredient

100ml x 4 . cup

Milk 300ml

Milk chocolate 150g

Condensed milk with sugar 30g

Gelatin powder 5g

30ml boiling water

♥ Caramel Sauce

Milk Caramel 8 pieces

Hot water 15ml

♥ Toothpaste

Fresh cream 80ml

10g granulated sugar

♥ Recipe

1. Add milk chocolate to milk that has been warmed in the microwave for about 60℃, mix well to dissolve, add condensed milk and mix well. Add the gelatin powder to the boiling water, stir until completely dissolved, add to the portion and filter through a sieve.

2. Cool the pudding with ice until it thickens below 25°C, place in a cup and chill in the refrigerator overnight. When removing from the cup, use a table knife etc. rim of pudding, etc. Allow air to pass through the opening and then turn the cup upside down.

3. Put the milk caramel and hot water in a bowl, heat in the microwave at 600W for 1 minute 30 seconds, beat with a whisk, cool a bit, and then pour over the pudding. Add whipped cream if desired.