Oreo Blackpink Ice Cream Blackpink Oreo Ice Cream | The Simplest Formula

It is very easy to make as it requires less materials. This time it’s black and pink oreo ice cream made with limited edition black and pink oreo and cream cheese

♥ Ingredient

8 black rose oreo cakes

150g cream cheese

50g granulated sugar

150ml thick cream

70g plain yogurt

♥ Recipe

1. Peel the pink Oreo cookies and remove the cream.

2. Place room-temperature cream cheese in a bowl and beat with a whisk or hand mixer.

3. Add granulated sugar, fresh cream, plain yogurt and Oreo cream from part 1, stirring each time.

4. Roll the balls into Oreo-sized balls, place the peeled Oreo cake and ③ into a piping bag, squeeze tightly and refrigerate for at least 6 hours.