How To Make Chocolate Drip Cake | Add Delicious Strawberry And Fruit

This is a beginner’s recipe book that moms and kids, grandma and grandkids can make together. Buy it and see it. I use plenty of fresh chocolate ice cream on a fluffy sponge. I’ve been trying to make a piece of chocolate around the cake.


Mold 15 cm

2 eggs

60g granulated sugar

60g flour

10g unsweetened cocoa powder

10ml milk

8g melted unsalted butter


70g bitter chocolate

30ml milk

300ml thick cream

25g granulated sugar

30g bitter chocolate

30ml thick cream

5 strawberries

♥ Recipe

1. Crack the eggs into a bowl, add granulated sugar, mix well, put the mixture in a pot of hot water about 60°C and warm at about 36°C.

2. Sift the cake powder and cocoa powder in, use a rubber spatula to mix from the outside to the inside.

3. Use a rubber spatula to spread the melted butter and milk and mix from the outside to the inside like 3 using a rubber spatula.4. Pour the dough into a baking tray lined pan and bake in the preheated oven at 180℃ for 18-20 minutes. If you use a bamboo skewer to pierce it and you don’t see the coarse flour sticking to it, the cake is burnt.

5. Then, when the cake cools down, take it out of the mold, place it on the cake cooler, take out the baking tray, let it cool completely, cut the cake into 1cm x 3 pieces using a ruler.

6. Divide the chopped bitter chocolate into pieces of 70g and 30g, add milk that has been warmed before boiling so that 70g of chocolate is dissolved.

7. Add granulated sugar to fresh cream, let stand for 7 minutes, add 6, mix well and add ice to make chocolate ice cream.

8. Stack the sponges on top of each other, apply cream all over, and refrigerate overnight. Reserve about 1/3 of the chocolate ice cream.

9. Put the warmed fresh cream in 30g of bitter chocolate divided by 6, melt, cool at 26-28℃ and then put it on the edge of the cake.

10. Squeeze remaining chocolate cream on top and garnish with strawberries or macaroons if available.

11. When cutting, warm the knife with hot water to about 40℃. After cutting, reheat and wipe clean before cutting.