Fresh Cream Muffins | Easy And Perfect

Today, we will introduce a chocolate pieces simply a mixture. Whipped cream is like a liquid butter, so the fabric is gently baked using fresh cream. Baking is smooth. As time goes by, the powder soothes and moist, is also very delicious. It’s easy but delicious!

♥ Ingredient

60g without an egg

Grain sugar  65g

Fresh cream 100g

60g skill powder

Poodle Almond 20g

3g powder

Bitter chocolate 50g


Warm up to 170 ° C

1. Divide the eggs into a bowl, add granular sugar and mix well. Add fresh and mixed cream. Add ingredients and mix until disappearing. Place the fabric in a muffin cup.

2. Sprinkle chocolate and top. Baking for 18 minutes in the oven is heated up to 170 ° C. If you put water in this muffin cup, it will import about 85ml.

3. How much it is when you compare it with your own water in your own cup is easy to understand. However, the amount of fabric must be the 8th to 8th minute of the cup, and if you put it in the eye, shape and flavor will be weakened.