Loving Cake | Cocoa Biscuits With Crunchy Almonds

Today I would like to introduce a sharp cocoa Sable to almonds. This recipe with almond poodles and sliced almonds are added to the dough, and the taste is much deeper as the ingredients. There is a delicious taste that cannot be produced with just flour. It has a very good flavor, it is sharp and delicate. I think you will be very satisfied if you give it to a gift for your loved ones.
The cooling time has been done easily and by all means
Try a delicious cake!

♥ Ingredient

22 pieces

Salt butter 60g

Road 35g

Salt stone a meal

Yellow egg yellow 20g

60g skill powder

Poodle Almond 20g

Cocoa powder 20g

Slmond slices 25g, roast gently in frying pan

Walnuts and almonds hall.

15g particle sugar for coating

♥ Recipe

1. Making butter into cream. Add sugar twice, mix well each time, add salt and mix well. Add egg yolks three times and mix well each time.
Sprinkle and mix with flour, almonds, cocoa.

2. Add almond slices to become a large lump and mix until the whole is cocoa. When it becomes a tumor, put the dough on the table, cast it into a 3cm -shaped bar and wrap it in a cooking paper.

3. If you play with it too much, butter will melt, do not force it to fulfill it. Make a powder with the feeling that it will be round. Cooling and hard. Gently press by hand and attach it to the dough.

4. Cool again (about 30 minutes). Cool in the freezer for 15 minutes, cut into 1cm thick slices and arrange them on the top plates with grilled paper. If not cold enough, the dough will collapse when cut with a kitchen knife.

5. Cut the edge of a piece, cool the dough in the freezer for another 15 minutes if the bottom is crushed. Start heating the furnace to 356 f/180°C. Lower the oven to 170 ° C and bake for 20 minutes.

6. When you take it out of the oven, it cools for 15 minutes while placing on the top plate. Then, remove the cookie from the grill and make it

About the oven

1. If you do not heat in the winter, the inside of the warehouse will not heat up, so if the previous heating process is completed at the set temperature, driving the furnace for about 15 minutes without any insertion.

2. Even if you want to bake a lot, do not overdo it, grill a top plate. Baking firmly is also an important point to make delicious biscuits.
During that time, the cutting fabric was placed in a tray, etc. And wait in the freezer!


1. Au when grilled, put it in a tapper and thus, once it cools.

2. When making a gift, cool it after completely cooling. It is perfect when using silica gel.

3. After cutting, it can be stored in Zip lock or similar. When grilling, it is possible to arrange it on the top plate during frozen. However, if you add a cold fabric, the temperature inside the oven will be exposed, so the heating first at 10-20 ° C, then lower and bake it.

4. Please adjust the baking time because it varies depending on the model and environment of the oven.