Cookie Pie Cream Puff Recipe | Irresistibly Delicious

♥ Ingredient

Soboro biscuits

25g butter

25g Sand sugar

40g Powder


1. Beat the butter that has been at room temperature and then add the granulated sugar.

2. Dip the butter into the flour through a sieve.
When it becomes smooth to some extent, rub it with both hands and make a chopped shape.

3. Chill the ground biscuits in the refrigerator until baked.

shoe fabric

30ml Lettuce oil

80ml Water


40g Powder

110g Whole eggs

Cake plate

1. Thinly spread a 12cm x 9cm cake and prepare 6 pieces with a 9cm mold.

2. Cut 8 marks on a 9cm cake pan and arrange them on a baking tray.

3. Flour Sift

4. Beat the whole egg

♥ Recipe

1. Put water, salad oil and salt in a pan and bring to a boil. Heat removal.

2. Add the flour above, mix well, cook until a film forms at the bottom of the pot, then scoop out into a bowl.

3. Add beaten egg on top. When you lift the spoon, the dough will remain in the form of an inverted triangle. The amount of eggs used may vary slightly depending on the condition of the dough.

4. Fold the 30g mold in a spiral shape on the cake pan lined up on the baking tray.

5. Paint all the remaining beaten eggs. Coat the soboro cookies on top and bake in the preheated oven. Be careful not to open the oven door after putting the dough in the oven until baking is complete.


60g chicken egg yolk

40g Sand sugar

20g Powder

250ml milk

Vanilla beans


♥ Recipe

1. Add granulated sugar to the yolk and mix well until it turns milky white.

2. Add the soft flour and mix well. Put the milk and vanilla beans in the pan and mix with the boiled egg yolk Put it back in the pot.

3. Cook over medium heat. It was liquid at first, but later became more concentrated and heavier. Be careful if you leave here as the powdery smell will remain. If you mix more, the concentration will be lighter and the whole cake becomes shiny.

4.  Put the cream cheese that has been at room temperature, when the whole thing is soft, put it in a box, let it cool.

Diplomatic Request

1. Add 20% fresh cream to the creme patisseier.

2. Let the baker’s koshi fit the whole body like whipped cream

3. Mix gently from the bottom of the bowl.