Making Moist Strawberry Muffins Strawberry Cupcakes | Mini Oven Home Baking

♥ Ingredients

[ For 6 Strawberry Muffins ]

90g eggs (2 pieces)

80g soft flour

70g sugar

30 g butter

2g baking powder

2g vanilla extract

30 g milk

10 grams of honey

8 strawberries

Strawberry Jam ( small amount, can be omitted )

[Strawberry filling & whipped cream]

150g whipped cream

15g sugar


[ Amount of 6 muffins ]

1. Put the muffin cup

2. Beat the eggs by boiling

3. Add sugar, honey and vanilla extract and mix to 40 degrees.

4.When it rises to 40 degrees, remove the double boiler and put butter and milk in the double boiler.

5. Whip at high speed (Ivory color, until marks remain)

6. Clean air bubbles at low speed

7. Sift the soft flour and baking powder and mix the dough from bottom to top.

8. Mix with a portion of the butter dough in a double boiler

9. Put the mixed dough into the main dough and mix

10.Put in a piping bag and fill the pan 70-80%

11. 180 degrees 10 minutes preheat / 165 upper heat temperature, 170 degrees lower temperature 20 minutes bake

12. Chill on a cooling rack

[ whipping cream ]

1. Prepare the balls in ice water

2. Add whipped cream and sugar and whip at high speed

3. Add whipped cream with a scoop

[ filling ]

1. Finely chop 2 strawberries

2. Mix with a small amount of strawberry jam and fresh cream

3. Poke holes in the muffins with the tip and put them in