Make Yellow Cheese Cream Cookies | Potto Cookies Yellow Cheese

Today yellow cheese, cream cheese and cheese cracker have met and created a sweet and savory yellow cream cheese cookie.


[ 8 Yellow Cheese Biscuits ]

1 egg

100 g butter

30g white sugar

60g brown sugar

170 g whole wheat flour

25g yellow cheese

2g baking powder

200g cream cheese

30g powdered sugar

8 cheese crackers


1. Lightly beat cream cheese at room temperature, add powdered sugar and mix well.

2. Divide into 2.25g scoops and freeze in the freezer.

3. Melt the butter at room temperature on a mixer on medium speed and beat lightly.

4. Add sugar and mix on low to medium speed for at least 1 minute.

5. Divide some vanilla extract and room temperature egg into 2-3 batches.

6. Sift flour, yellow cheese powder and baking powder and add.

7. Round, cover with food wrap and place in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

8. Meanwhile, take out the cream cheese, shape it into a circle and put it back in the freezer.

9. After 1 hour, take out the dough, divide it into 8 equal parts, 50-52g each.

10. Make a circle and then flatten it to put cream cheese in and wrap it up.

11. 180 degrees Preheat 10 minutes / 170 degrees 17 minutes of baking

12. Decorate as soon as you take it out of the oven.

13. After cooling, store in the refrigerator to eat better.