Caramel Cake Recipe

Ice cream is made by whipping fresh cream with cream cheese and caramel sauce, sweetened with caramel sauce without adding sugar, so it has a delicious and rich taste. It’s simple because it doesn’t have a lot of other decorations, but I think it’s a nice cake with just a caramel feel.


Mold Size: 15cm

Cake plate

140g Eggs

100g sugar

10g corn syrup

2g vanilla extract

90 g Baking powder

25g melted unsalted butter

40g Milk

Caramel Sauce

75g sugar

15g water

100g Warm fresh cream


180g fresh cream

250 g Cream cheese

40g caramel sauce

Sugar syrup

Crispy peanuts

▶ Recipe

1. Put the eggs, sugar, starch syrup and vanilla extract in a pot of hot water, stir well, increase the temperature to 40 degrees, remove from the pot and beat until dark ivory bubbles form with a mixer. Hand.

2. Sift and mix the soft flour, then add the flour little by little into the melted butter and milk (50-60 degrees) and mix well.

3. Put the mixed dough into the main dough, mix well, pour into a 15cm baking pan, skim off air bubbles, put in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 35 minutes. Let cool, cut off the top and cut into 3 pieces.

4. Put water and sugar in a pot, cook until slightly brown, then remove, add warm fresh cream, mix well, cook on low heat until thickened, let cool completely.
5. Whip about 40% whipped cream, then add cream cheese and caramel sauce and whip to make caramel ice cream.

6. Place one plate on a cutting board, drizzle with sugar syrup, spread cream, drizzle with caramel sauce and place another plate on top. Repeat 1 more time.

7. Apply cream evenly on top and side.

8. Drizzle caramel sauce on top in a circle from the inside out and garnish with crushed peanuts.