The Easiest and Best Honey Cake Roll Recipe | Melt in Your Mouth!

✤ Dough

40g milk

35g cooking oil 35g

55g cake flour

4 eggs (135g white, 62g yolk)

1g salt

45g sugar

3g lemon juice

Honey (jam or whipped cream if not present)

✤ Recipe

1. 4 eggs, eggs separate the yolks and whites. Keep the egg whites in the refrigerator until use, star decorating tip, put it in a piping bag. Turn the piping bag so that the batter does not leak out, then put it in a long cup. Prepare the oven pan in advance (about 39x28cm)

2. 40g milk, cooking oil 35g, mix well. 55g cake flour, seive it. Mix until no powder is visible. 4 yolks, 1g salt. Mix the yolks and salt well.

3. 4 egg whites from the refrigerator, 3g lemon juice. Let’s make meringue, 45g sugar. Add sugar in 3 portions. The condition of the, meringue is important, when the horns are bent. Just make it a little bit tighter, the horns became a little stronger. Now clean out large air bubbles for 30 seconds on low speed, one spatula, two spatula. Raise the spatula from the bottom up and mix thoroughly.

4. Now pour over the remaining meringue, mix from bottom to top without stirring. There is a lot of batter, so a generously sized piping bag is good. I used an 18 inch (about 45 cm) piping bag. Now squeeze in a straight line, 160°C (325°F) for 20 minutes, take the cake straight out of the pan, then remove the paper

5. Cover with cling film and let cool to maintain moisture, cut in half, put cake on baking paper. If you don’t have honey, you can apply jam or whipped cream. Before rolling, put a heavy object on the end of the sheet and fix it. Put the stick in the paper. Rolling the paper with a rolling pin makes it easy to roll, rolling around. Refrigerate until eaten.