Salt Bread Eggma | Salt Butter Rol l Making Egg Sandwich Recipe So Delicious!

I made an egg sandwich filled with eggmayo in salt bread. The salty salt bread and eggmayo go really well together. When I used salt bread, the texture on the outside was chewy, so I think it would be a different kind of sandwich. I added rallish to egg mayo and it tasted much better. I think I can eat it without feeling greasy if I use cucumber or pickle. It is also good for a light snack or lunch box picnic menu.

[ Ingredients]

3 Boiled eggs

2T Mayonnaise

1T Relish

1t Whole grain mustard

1/2t Sugar

1/8t Salt


2 Salt butter roll

2 Sliced cheddar cheese


[ Recipe]

1. Chop and mashed hard-boiled eggs and mix with mayonnaise, relish, whole grain mustard, sugar, salt and pepper.

2. Cut the salt bread in half, put the cheddar cheese in the center, and put plenty of eggmayo, then sprinkle with parsley.