How to make “Jiggly Milk Chocolate” | Easy Snack With The Perfect

This time, it’s a very easy and delicious snack with a soft texture. It is perfect for summer. Chill it in the refrigerator and enjoy.

Ingredients (for one 500 ml paper carton)

Milk chocolate: 200g (4 pieces)

Powdered agar: 3g

Granulated sugar: 70g

Milk: 420g


1. It’s better to chop the chocolate, but you can just break it by hand. I put the chocolate in the pan first. This time I will use powdered agar. I’ll show you the difference between using gelatin and agar at the end.

2. Use milk from a 500 ml paper carton. I removed only 80 ml. Put the remaining 420ml into the pot. Open and wash the carton and drain. Melt and mix the ingredients while the dough heats up. When the dough comes to a boil, let it cool while mixing for a while. Place in a milk carton to harden. Allow time to cool and harden in the refrigerator.

3. It seems to have hardened well. I’m going to cut the part that’s stuck because it’s going to get scratched when I take it out. I made many prototypes of the formula that would make it just pullable. Finished!