Halloween Cake & Sweets | Pumpkin And White Chocolate Cube Style Mont Blanc Cake

This is really delicious! Pumpkin and white chocolate are particularly good combinations. Smooth cream is amplifying the taste. Elegant and discreet, sweetness, texture and mouthfeel are also good.This sweet is the most delicious of the sweets I ate.

[ Ingredients]

. Pumpkin Mont Blanc Cream

Chocolate: 100 g

Fresh cream: 50 cc

Pumpkin (edible portion): 150 g

· Cocoa sponge fabric

Whole eggs: 3 pieces

Granulated sugar: 75 g

Flour: 60 g

Cocoa powder: 8 g

Milk: 23 g

Unsalted butter: 8 g

·Fresh cream

Fresh cream: 200 ml

Granulated sugar: 15 g

[ Recipe]

1. This time is square cube shaped Mont Blanc. When it changes to a square, it is different from the meaning of original Mont Blanc. The pumpkin takes the seeds, wraps it and ranges it. It’s about 8 minutes with a 500W microwave oven. After that we adjust by hardness. It took about 90 minutes. Freeze it, cut it and use it.

2. Cocoa Sponge, will make a cocoa sponge inside the cake. Sift the powder together. Will use three whole eggs. I wanna warm it with a water bath. If it mixes firmly, remove it from the hot water bottle.Then mix it thoroughly with a hand mixer. Unsalted butter and milk will be warmed with boiling water. It is finally mixed with the powder. Mix the flour firmly.

3. When the sponge cools down, cut it to 5cm square. I will use it well and cut it. Fresh cream and molding.

4. Then, I will make fresh cream of modest sweetness. I will use ice. Because the outside Mont Blanc cream and sponge are sweet, we make the sweetness of cream creamy. If you are going to mass produce the cake, it would be better to cut the sponge after sanding the cream. Measure the outer dimensions of the cake. I made it about 6 cm square. Cut the frozen MontBlanc Cream.

5. Melt the chocolate with a hot water and make it into a plate shape.I will cut out the face of Halloween pumpkin from there. Paste with cream as adhesive. Completion!