Ramen Potato Cheese Ball | Fried Potato Easy to Made For Beginners | Must Try Immediately

I made crispy potato cheese balls by deep-fried ramen noodles. Potatoes are delicious just fried, but the texture is really good when made with ramen noodles, and the fried ramen makes it more savory. It is also fun to eat with mozzarella cheese inside. A dish made with potatoes or cheese definitely needs a sauce. It is good to eat it with a slightly spicy sauce, as it keeps the greasy feeling. Since the dough is made with boiled potatoes, I think you only need to fry it a little to get the color.

[ Ingredients]


280g Boiled potato (about 3 potatoes)

3g Salt

50g Potato starch

Pepper, Parsley

Mozzarella cheese

[ Recipe]

1. Crush the ramen and mash the boiled potatoes. Add salt, potato starch, pepper, and parsley and mix well.

2. Form the potato dough into a round shape, flatten it, add mozzarella cheese, and make a round shape.

3. Put the crushed ramen on the outside, wrap it with your hand, and press it lightly to attach it.

4. Put it in oil at about 180 degrees, fry it slightly, and eat it with the sauce mixed with Sriracha and ketchup (1:1 ratio).
(It is delicious even after frying it with ramen soup)