How to Make Macarons at Home for Beginners | It’s Easy! Try Making Them

📢 Ingredient

48g powdered sugar

50g egg whites

60 lines

3g matcha powder

2 yolks

90g unsalted butter

55g sugar

16g water

6g matcha powder

📢 Recipe

1. 50g almond powder, 48g powdered sugar, 3g matcha powder. I will filter the flour through a sieve twice, 50g egg whites, 60g sugar. mix well, put it on a pot of hot water, dissolve the sugar completely.

2. Now take it out of the pot. I will be making a hard meringue, at this point the speed is set to 4 out of 5 steps. Sift the sifted flour into 2 parts, mix well, like cutting with a knife.

3. Now I will do some macaronage. This is the process of spreading the dough out and gathering it into a lump, the dough is rough at first, it becomes sticky. Doing this too much can cause a stain on the marzipan, with this texture, do this until it becomes a heavy flowing ribbon that won’t break.

4. Round tube tip (1cm diameter), with a piping bag, put the dough in. Teflon or foil on macaron design, squeeze with constant force (about 3 cm). If you don’t have a macaron design, you can draw it with a similar coin size.

5. Now tap the bottom of the oven pan to flatten. Then I’ll come back when it’s dry (about 30 minutes to 1 hour). If you touch it lightly, there is no stain on your hand. 150°C (300°F) for 10 minutes in a preheated oven. I think it’s baked beautifully.

6. 55g sugar, 16g water, low heat, 2 yolks. Please release the yolk well, boil the sugar water until it starts to boil. Pour in the heated sugar water and mix well. Cool and beat until light golden in color. If it flows smoothly when you lift the hand mixer, that’s fine.

7. 90g room temperature unsalted butter, divide it into 3 parts, mix gently with a hand mixer, a ladle. Matcha powder 5g, mix well. Mix the rest well.

8. My favorite green tea ice cream flavor. Pipe tip 195k (diameter 1cm). It doesn’t matter if it’s not the same. Now apply the cream. Finally, put it in a container, refrigerate 2 hours to overnight.