Soft And Delicious Home Made Pancakes! Easy Pancake Recipe For Breakfast

Soft and sweet taste. I like it better because it’s chubby and fluffy. It is really delicious even if you make it yourself at home.

📢 Ingredient

2 eggs

160g milk

20g melted unsalted butter

65g sugar

2g salt

10g lemon juice

10g baking powder

📢 Recipe

1. 2 eggs. Beat eggs first, leave at room temperature. Please take out the milk first, 200g cake flour, 65g sugar, 10g baking powder, 2g salt. Mix the flours well. 2 eggs, 160g milk, 20g melted unsalted butter, 10g lemon juice. Mix so that there are no lumps.

2. Put it on the sieve once, it is better to put the finished dough into an easy to pour cup.

3. Smallest pan at home (12 cm), lowest heat, cooking oil. Apply it as if you were wiping it with a kitchen towel. Heat the pan, put the dough in, cook slowly on the lowest heat, silicone spatula. When the dough and pan separate. Lift the frying pan up a bit. When the other side is cooked, it’s done.

4. Remember to coat with oil when baking again. The most important thing is to cook slowly in a preheated pan over low heat, a butter, sweet maple syrup.