So Easy One Pan Cheese Potato Recipe | No Need to Fry | Make Cheese Potatoes With a Pan

I want to eat french fries, but frying in oil is cumbersome. Buy it and eat it, there are still many potatoes in the fridge…, are there times like this? Using less oil, I easily made cheese potatoes with a pan. The ingredients are very simple and you can make it quickly. I think it’s great for brunch or as a snack.

[2 servings]


380g, 2 potatoes (after peeling)

70g, 1/4 onion

20g, bacon

10g unsalted butter

100ml milk

72g Cheddar Cheese

3 Pinches of salt

Black pepper powder

Parsley (choice)


1. 380g potatoes, cut potatoes into desired shapes like dice, sticks. My choice is ripple. Moisturize with a little water. Bake in microwave for 3 minutes (based on 700W).

2. 70g (1/4 piece) Onion, 20g bacon, after 3 minutes, hard and uncooked. Cooking oil, roast the potatoes until they are more cooked, 3 pinch of salt, turn it over and take care of it. Potatoes are golden and 90% cooked, flip potatoes to the side.

3. 10g unsalted butter, add bacon and fry, add onion and saute together. When onions are translucent, 100ml milk, 72g Cheddar cheese, add cheddar cheese and melt. Mix it all together. Stir gently so that the potatoes do not break.

4. Black pepper powder, turn off the heat and sprinkle pepper on top. The culinary landscape is more attractive than the autumn landscape. Parsley. I can’t stand the temptation of a potato in cheesecloth. It’s soft and moist, not heavy and it’s a reliable flavor that delivers only a salty taste.