Tiramisu Recipe | Delicous Tiramisu Didn’t Need a Word

This is Tiramisu Cake. Please watch this video and make and eat delicious.

[ Ingredients]

♥ Files

15g cake flour

15g powdered sugar

15g egg whites

15g melted butter

♥ Espresso Syrup

100g espresso coffee

15g sugar

10g Kahlua

* No espresso

100g of water

8 ~ 10g Instant coffee powder 15g sugar

10g Kahlua

♥ Biscuit a la cuillere (Ladyfinger)

2 egg yolks

2 egg whites (about 66g)

47g cake flour

10g corn starch

♥ Ice cream tiramisu

3 egg yolks

25g water

50g sugar

7g gelatin

350g mascarpone cheese

20g icing sugar

10g Kahlua

5g rum

2g vanilla bean powder

140g fresh cream


1. Just mix all the ingredients together, a silicone mold for tuiles. Remove from mold before cooling. I applied edible gold powder. You can skip it.

2. Make espresso syrup. If you don’t have espresso, another recipe is also in the description box. If Kahlua is not available, you can add 4g of rum and 4g of vanilla extract.

3. Make the hard meringue, fold 1/3 of the meringue and, fold all the remaining meringue. Cornstarch is added for a lighter, crispier texture. Look at the consistency of the dough. Pipe the diagonals have a round end of 1.2cm and create a gap between them. When baked, it swells and sticks together.

4. Now make the tiramisu cream. Heat egg yolks. This is the sterilization process. Heat from 70 to 80 degrees. Squeeze out the soaked gelatin and add it to the beaten egg yolk. Beat until light golden in color. Mascarpone cheese stays at room temperature for 20 minutes, after taking it out of the refrigerator.

5. Freezing sugar helps cheese to curdle easily. Mascarpone solidifies well when the temperature rises (above 16 degrees) in use. In this case, if you mix about 10% of the cheese with the jelly, the curd will decrease.

6. Fill it into the semi-spherical mold. We need 25 halves of the sphere. But, this mold has 24 servings. So after freezing, I took half of the bridge out and filled it up again.

7. Soak coffee syrup. Fill with 330g of cream. Well, the scene where I applied the cream wasn’t recorded. These kinds of developments often happen with the clumsy Joconde. And I cut a small square cookie into 13x13cm and put it in. Soak coffee syrup. I used almost all the syrup that I made.