Crispy and Soft, Egg Sandwich Recipe | Egg roll bread recipe | Egg bread

Eggs are moist and soft with a crisp, I made a sandwich that can feel soft and crispy at the same time. It’s good with just eggs, but it’s also good with a variety of vegetables and cheddar cheese. Add them according to your taste.

[2 servings]


2 Sandwiches

1 slice of ham


✤ Egg roll

5 Eeggs

2 Pinches of salt

15g (1.5 tablespoons) sugar

8g (1 tablespoon) cooking wine

80g (10Tbsp) Milk


16g (1 tbsp) Mayonnaise

8g (0.5 tbsp) honey


All-purpose flour

Eggs (Roll the eggs and use the leftovers)


✤ Face Decoration

Black sesame




1. 5 eggs, 2 pinch salt, 15g (1.5 tbsp) sugar, 8g (1 tbsp) Cooking wine (reduces fishy smell of eggs), 80g (10Tbsp). Milk, then stir well. Filter through a mesh strainer to remove stings.

2. Cooking oil, coat the pan with cooking oil. Pour in the egg, stirring it up like a shuffle. Pour in the eggs again and combine. Now roll up the scrambled eggs.. Roll the top of the eggs before the eggs are fully cooked so there are no gaps. When desired thickness is reached, press it to release air and hold shape. Turn the stove on and off continuously to avoid the temperature rising.

3. Powder, then apply a thin layer of powder. Pour in remaining egg mixture, bread crumbs, fry in preheated oil. When it turns light brown, take it out.

4. 2 slices of bread, cut the edges of the bread, cucumber, thinly sliced. Cut into pieces about the same size as the bread. Honey mayonnaise (0.5Tbsp honey + 1Tbsp mayonnaise), then drizzle with sweet mayonnaise, cucumber, ham, then cut in half. Place the egg cutlets in the center of the bread and close the lid, secure with wooden skewers.

5. Cut in half. For some reason, I wanted to breathe life into it, make eyes with sesame, ketchup.