Super crispy | Cobweb Egg Roll Biscuits | Pancake Biscuits! Delicious!

This is crispy cobweb-shaped egg roll wafer roll biscuits. It tastes like pancake. It is really delicious.

Ingredient :

1. 100g All purpose flour

2. 60g Corn starch

3. 60g Sugar

4. 1 Egg

5. 14 g Butter

6. 90ml Milk

Recipe :

1. 100g All purpose flour, 60g Corn starch, 1tsp Baking powder. You can skip sifting, 1/4 tsp of Salt, 60g of Sugar, 1 Cute egg boy, 90ml of Milk. Leave 15% of milk, check the thickness and add.

2. 14g of Butter, melt the butter in the microwave. It is beautiful yellow. Add the vanilla extract if you have (Optional). If you don’t have the vanilla, butter will help to add good flavor. Pour the batter in the Zipper lock bag. Make the very small hole at one corner of the bag.

3. Low heat. Draw lines on the pre-heated pan. When the bottom turns to light brown, roll it. After you get used to cook it, adjust the heat to cook quicker. I used a hand but you can roll this with a spoon. It is super crispy now!!.