Churros Cheesecake Recipe | Baked Churros at Home

I made a churros cheesecake that was baked in the oven and sandwiched cheesecake on a light churros. I thought it would go well with cheesecake as churros, which are delicious to eat alone or with ice cream, so I made it, and it tastes really good. It’s easy to bake in the oven without frying it, so it’s less oily, so I think it’s better when eaten with cheesecake. It’s not too crispy, so it’s softer to eat. If you sprinkle butter and cinnamon sugar right after baking, the flavor and taste will be upgraded. I think it would be really delicious if you freeze it in the freezer and eat it like an ice cream sandwich!

[ Ingredients]

– Mold size : 18cm

225g Cream cheese

70g Sugar

1g Salt

75g Whole egg

15g Cake flour

60g Heavy cream

10g Lemon juice

60g Unsalted butter

15g Brown sugar

1g Salt

115g Water

75g All-purpose flour

85g Whole egg

3g Vanilla extract

Unsalted butter

Cinnamon sugar

[ Recipe]

1. Loosen the cream cheese at room temperature, add sugar and salt and mix, then add the egg and mix.

2. Add soft flour and mix, add fresh cream, mix, add lemon juice, mix, sieve and pour into an oven pan (18cm).

3. Bake at 165 degrees for about 35 minutes and cool in the freezer. (Preheat 185 degrees)

4. Put butter, brown sugar, salt, and water in a pot and heat over low heat until it comes to a slight boil.

5. Remove from heat, sift flour, and mix well with a spatula so that there are no lumps, then put it on low heat again and heat it.

6. When the dough becomes slightly transparent and a film forms on the bottom, remove from the heat and transfer to a bowl to cool.

7. Divide the eggs, add vanilla extract and mix.

8. Put a pod (use pod for each medium size – there is no pod number ㅠㅠ) into a piping bag fitted with a pod and pan in an oven pan (18cm).

9. Bake in an oven at 200 degrees for 22 minutes (until the color is beautiful), then apply melted butter and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

10. When the churros have cooled, sandwich the cheesecake between the churros.