Shine Muscat Cake is Delicious When Made Rhis Way | Super Sweet! And Delicious

Hi. This cake is Shine Muscat Charlotte. In summer, green grapes and Shine Muscat seem to be representatives. It is a pleasant fruit that gives a refreshing feeling just by looking at it. I added mint infused cream to make it more fresh. Also, if you put Shine Muscat as it is, it will be watery in cream and fade in color when it blended. If you do the method in the video, you can catch both problems.


♥︎ Shine Muscat preserves

Shine Muscat 350g

170g sugar

120g lemon

60g sugar

♥︎Biscuit a la cuillère

50g egg yolks

24g sugar

2g vanilla bean paste

77g egg white

44g sugar

70g soft flour

♥︎ Bavarois

36g egg yolks

36g sugar

105g milk

3g vanilla bean paste

105g whipped cream

4g of gelatin

Shine Muscat preserves 60g

♥︎ Shine Muscat Mint Cream

60g fresh cream

3g apple mint leaves

60g cold whipped cream

100g Shine Muscat preserves

10g Shine Muscat preserves Syrup

4g of gelatin

♥︎ Shine Muscat Syrup

40gShine Muscat Syrup

20 g of water

After boiling, let it cool before use.

♥︎ Shine Muscat Jelly

100g Shine Muscat Syrup

3g of gelatin

Little yellow food coloring


1. First of all, I am going to make Shine Muscat preserves. When make the preserve, the fruit lost and the skin becomes tough, so I peeled them all off. And, with lemon, the taste and aroma will be better, lemon is preserving color of shine muscat. Fruit preserves usually need the same amount of sugar as the original fruit. But I’m going to use it in a day, so I only put half in. Also you can adjust it as your taste. Refrigerate for a day.

2. Make Biscuit a la cuillère. Whip the egg yolks until pale yellow, add in sugar in three times and beat the meringue, pipe 8 cm long each. When the whole with of biscuit should be about 50~55cm, pipe a circle larger than 13cm in diameter. Dust icing sugar.

3. Cut to 7 cm to fit the height of the cake, cut the bottom approximately 13 cm in diameter. Make Bavarois cream. Remove from heat when it reaches about 80℃ just before boiling. Add gelatin and dissolve. Soak the biscuit with syrup from Shine Muscat preserves. Fill a little bit of Bavarois Cream.

4. Infuse apple mint leaves in hot heavy cream for 20 minutes. Mix mint infused cream with cold heavy cream. Jelly made from Shine Muscat preserves syrup and cut out with a flower cutter. The recipe is in the description box bellow. Shine Muscat, mild mint flavor, and creamy Bavarois are so delicious together.