Fried Cheese & Ham Millefeuille | The Crispy Crust , Greasy Cheese Filling

Hello. If you are a cheese fan, you must try this dish right away. One bite is to feel the crispy crust, inside is the greasy cheese filling your mouth. Accompanied by chewy salty salty meat.

●● Ingredient


2 Eggs

50ml Water

1Tsp Sugar

100g All purpose flour



Bread crumbs

Medium heat 5~8 minutes

●● Recipe

1. First, I will make the wet dough outside including 2 eggs, 50ml of water, and 1 teaspoon of sugar. As long as the dough is a bit thick, it’s ok. Now I will add 100g of all-purpose flour or any type of flour is fine. Sift finely so that the flour does not become lumpy. Finally, you just need to stir well until the mixture is smooth and smooth.

2. Now I make the inner filling. I use cold meat. For cheese, I use sliced ​​cheese, mix 2 types. Now you guys just do as if I have 2 slices of cheese and 1 slice of cold meat. Arrange as many layers as everyone can eat. Too much is also boring so I recommend 2-4 classes is ok.

3. When finished, dip the wet dough to stick the meat evenly. Then I will roll over a layer of breadcrumbs. If you’re afraid of the cheese sticking out, people dip the wet dough once again, then roll another layer of deep-fried. A total of 4 classes are not afraid anymore.

4. Now prepare to fry. The oil you put in a little more, fry in a pot to high, wait for the oil to be hot, I will fry. Fry for about 5~8 minutes, until the crust is golden and crispy. Since the filling of cold meat and cheese is already cooked, it does not need to be fried for long. Turn both sides until golden brown evenly.

5. After the cake is done, I will take it out to drain the oil and eat it.