Just Need Apple Make This FAMOUS Desserts | Easy Recipes

Hi everybody. Today this video is about apples. I will guide everyone to make 3 super simple but delicious dishes with apples. Fast and easy. When the cake is cooked, it will be soft and moist, fragrant with custard and apple flavor. If you have an apple, try it right away.

●● Ingredient

Peanut butter


2g Black tea

80ml Hot water

15g Sugar

100g Apple juice

1 Egg

110ml Milk

20g Vegetable oil

140g Cake flour

6g Baking powder

Vegetable oil


Low heat 20 minutes

Low heat 10 minutes

●● Recipe :

1. The first is Apples covered with peanut butter. Simply peel and cut the apple into bite-sized pieces. Then I will cover 1 layer of peanut butter, then add another layer of roasted peanuts outside. The taste of these two things blends perfectly together, so everyone can rest assured. Beside.

2. The second dish is Apple TEA. I will steep 1 black tea with 80ml boiling water. Wait about 5-8 minutes. While waiting, I will squeeze more apple juice to make tea. After brewing the tea, I remove the residue. Then add 1 teaspoon of sugar (increase or decrease depending on taste). Then add 100g of freshly squeezed apple juice. Now add ice and add some apple slices to make it beautiful.

3. I will put 1 egg, 70g sugar, 110g fresh milk without sugar and 20g oil in a bowl. After the boat, I will stir to combine. Next, I added 140g flour number 8, and 6g more baking powder. Then stir again until the mixture is a bit thick, no longer lumpy.

4. I will use a non-stick pan about 18~20cm. Put a little oil on it and rub it in. Then I sprinkled a thin layer of sugar on the pan, then arranged a few slices of medium-thin apple. Finally, pour the batter into the pan again and you’re done.

5. This cake, I will open the fire very low. And don’t forget to close the lid. After 20 minutes, I will turn the cake over, and cover the lid and bake for another 10 minutes and the cake is done.