Tiramisu in 10 Minutes [No Oven, No Flour, No Egg] | The Ingredients Are Very Simple

Hi everybody. Surely everyone in Tiramisu knows how amazing it is, right? Today I’m going to do a super quick version. This version will simplify everything. I don’t know if I should call it Tiramisu either. So just call it like that.

●● Ingredient

400g Mascarpone

50g Sugar

200g Whipping cream

1Tsp Vanilla extract

5g Instant coffee

10g Sugar

100ml Hot water

Cocoa powder

●● Recipe

1. First, I will give 400g of mascarpone (all of the ingredients are available at the bakery), along with 50g of sugar. Add 200g whipping cream, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. (Mascarpone and whipping should be refrigerated.) Then I’ll mix it all up.

2. Use a whisk to stir quickly until the mixture is smooth and smooth, then stop immediately. But if you stir it too much, the water will be broken.

3. Next, I will make the coffee to dip the cake. Includes 4g black coffee powder, 5g sugar and 100ml hot water. Or ready-to-drink coffee. Stir well to dissolve and then let cool or add 1 ice cube to let the water and coffee cool down.

4. For the cake I will use Ladyfingers cake in Vietnam or called champagne cake. This cake is used in the original Tiramisu. I’ll quickly dip the cake in the coffee I made earlier. Remember to dip quickly because this cake is very absorbent. If it takes a long time, it will squish the cake.

5. Arrange 1 layer of cake evenly into the mold. I use a 20x12cm glass mold, everyone. Or put it in a cup. Then I’ll add half of the cream just now. Spread the cream evenly to continue to arrange another layer of cake. Each layer of cake will be 1 layer of cream. Now add the remaining layer of cream. I filled the mold to make it beautiful. Because this recipe is super quick, you can eat it right away because the ice cream is still very cold. If you want to chill the whole cake, put it in the fridge for another hour.

6. Now that the cake is cold, I will sprinkle a layer of cocoa on top. After leaving the refrigerator, the extra cold cream will thicken more, the feeling of the cake will be more greasy.