Peach Chapssaltteoke | Making Peach Chapssaltteoke (Rice Cake / Mochi) Recipe at Home

I made a peach glutinous rice cake with a really pretty cross section by cutting it like a cake. It is good to make glutinous rice cakes one by one by hand, but using a mold to make it in a different shape gave it a different and neat feeling. I used a rectangular cake mold with a mousse strip to make the top round, but I think it’s okay to change the shape. When you knead the glutinous rice cake dough with boiled peach water and add a large amount of pulp, it looks really delicious. It seems that the rice cakes can be made smooth when they are well coated with oil and shaped. I bought a commercial castella and used it as a sheet, but when I cut it, it retains its shape well and has a sense of stability. Every time I cut a piece, a beautiful peach comes out, so I was healed by the peach color while slicing it.

[ Ingredients]

– Mold size : 24cm x 6.5cm

1 Peach

350g Water

80g Sugar

3g Lemon juice

260g Boiled peach water

2g Salt

200g Dry glutinous rice flour

50g Unsalted butter

150g Cream cheese

75g Condensed milk

90g Heavy cream

Castella or Cake sheet

[ Recipe]

1. Peel the peaches, cut the flesh into long pieces, and put them together with the skins in a pot.

2. Put 350g of sugar and water in a pot and boil over medium heat for about 5 minutes, then add lemon juice and boil for about 5 minutes more on low heat.
(Pink color becomes more vivid by adding lemon juice)

3. Remove the flesh separately and cool it in the refrigerator, then remove the water with a kitchen towel.

4. Filter through a sieve to remove the skin, adjust the amount of water to 260g, add salt and mix.

5. Add boiled peach water to dry glutinous rice flour, mix well so that there are no lumps, and add a little pigment to color.

6. Cover with plastic wrap, make a hole, and heat in a microwave oven (700w) for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

7. After mixing the dough with a spatula, cover it again and heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

8. Mix the dough, knead it well, cover it with cling film, and cool it to a warm level.

9. Whip room temperature butter, add cream cheese and condensed milk and whip, then add fresh cream and whip to make cream.

10. Apply vegetable oil to the bottom, take out the glutinous rice dough, knead it well with your hands, then sprinkle cornstarch and put the dough on top.

11. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin, cut it into large squares to fit the mold, and put it in the mold.

12. Squeeze the cream, add the dried peaches, and cover with cream.

13. Cut out the commercially available castella, cover it with glutinous rice dough, press down on the meeting point, and cut it out.

14. After hardening in the freezer for 1 hour, apply oil to a knife and cut gently.