Folded Gimbap Recipe, Rice Sandwich | Nice Simple Korean Recipes!

Round kimbap made with ingredients that look delicious just by looking at them. Add the ingredients and fold it twice and you’re done! When I stir-fry kimchi, I put a piece of butter in it, and I think it is much more savory and delicious. Be sure to add a piece of butter. And kimchi is more delicious when it is thoroughly roasted.

[ Ingredients]

300g Rice

Salt, Sesame seeds, Sesame oil

2 Eggs

3/4 cup Kimchi

1/2 tsp Sugar

Unsalted butter

2 sheets Dried Seaweeds

[ Recipe]

1. Add salt, sesame salt and sesame oil to warm rice and mix evenly.

2. Make 2 fried eggs, chop the kimchi finely, add a little sugar and butter, and fry.

3. Cut the middle part of the seaweed to the center and spread the rice on both sides of the cut seaweed.

4. Add fried egg and fried kimchi and fold it.