Super Simple | Perfect Garlic Cheese Bread | You Should Try it!


✤ Ingredients

250g all-purpose flour

75g milk

75g water

20g melted unsalted butter

20g sugar

3g salt

4g of yeast

40g room temperature unsalted butter

70g minced garlic

40g sugar

1g parsley

1g salt

150g mozzarella cheese

✤ Recipe

1. 250 all-purpose flour, 20g sugar, 4g yeast, 3g salt. Mix the powders well, 75g milk, 75g water, 20g melted unsalted butter. Mix to form a lump. Knead by hand (5 minutes). Cover with cling wrap and ferment in a warm place to double size (about 1 hour).

2. 40g room temperature unsalted butter, 70g minced garlic, 40g sugar, 1g parsley, 1g salt, mix well.

3. 1 hour later, fist, a cutting board sprinkled with flour. I’ll make it in a round shape. It’s okay if the shape is crooked, 150g mozzarella cheese, put it in the middle. After roughly trimming it into a square shape, fold both sides, pinch knot. Do the same on both sides, sprinkle the flour again. Roll out the dough using a rolling pin. I’m going to make it a rectangle shape.

4. Put it on the oven pan, garlic Butter, full. Lastly, use a scraper to make cuts that are easy to eat. I can eat it in one bite, 190°C (375°F) for 20 minutes, i love it.