You Must Try It. It’s Really Delicious! | Starbucks Cream Sponge Cake

Hello. This recipe is a cream castella recipe sold at Starbucks in Korea. The soft and sweet sponge cake is filled with cream. It is a popular cake because it is very soft and delicious. It’s really good, so make sure to eat it.

Ingredients (diameter 10 cm × height 7 cm) 5 round cake molds.

*sponge cake

330g excluding eggshells.

200g of sugar.

37g of milk.

25g of grape seed oil (replaceable of cooking oil, melted butter, and canola oil)

15g of vanilla extract.

180g of flour.


Fresh cream or unsweetened whipped cream. 500g.

40g of sugar.


1. Excluding eggshells 330g, used 6 eggs, 200g of sugar. Add a bowl of eggs on top of hot water. Melt sugar well and raise the egg, temperature to 38 degrees Celsius. It’s okay without a cooking thermometer. Heat until you feel the warmth when you put your finger inside the egg.

2. Take out the egg-containing bowl.And warm up the liquid, 37g of milk, 25g of grape seed oil, 15g of vanilla extract. Warmly heated eggs should be made with meringue. First, turn the hand mixer at high speed for 5 minutes. It was operated at a speed of 16 levels based on the hand mixer I used. Then, turn it to medium speed for 2 minutes. Finally, the hand mixer was operated at a slow speed for 3 minutes. When you drop the completed meringue, you have to do it to the extent that the accumulated marks remain.

3. 180g of Soft flour. Mix the cake dough in a scattering manner. This way, it prevents the meringue from breaking as much as possible and the flour does not clump up and mixes well. If you mix too much, the cake sheet becomes hard, and if you mix less, the flour remains in the sheet. Stop when you can’t see the flour.

4. Put the warmed liquid in a bowl, add a little bit of cake dough and mix well. Oil and liquid have the property of breaking meringue, so it is to reduce the impact on meringue. Making and mixing sacrificial dough in advance is a way to relieve the impact as much as possible. Put the well-mixed dough into the main dough and mix it well. If the dough is not mixed properly here, the bottom of the cake becomes very heavy and hard. So mix it properly with a spatula to the bottom.

5. Put the paper foil in a round pan. (Cut the height of the paper foil to 9cm) . Fill the dough with 7-80% of the mold height. Impact the mold to remove pores in the dough. Bake in an oven preheated to 150 degrees for 30 minutes. Oven temperature is important! If you think your oven temperature is not accurate, use a thermometer! Lightly beat the baked cake to remove the steam inside and cool it. The sheet must be completely cooled so that it does not melt when the cream is added.

6. I’ll make cream while it cools down. Heavy cream or unsweetened whipped cream 500g, add 40g of sugar and whip hard. Put the finished cream in a piping bag. Make a cross sheath in the center of the cooled cake. Be careful not to puncture the bottom of the cake! Push the cream between the cut sheets, put as many as possible.

7. Clean up the protruding cream, sprinkle with a little powdered sugar . Decorate with chocolate or cake tag to make it look even better. For those who are curious about where to buy the cake tag I used, I’ll leave a link in the More section. The finished cake is sealed and refrigerated before eating, making it more moist and delicious. Look at it full of cream . The sweet and soft sponge cake is filled with rich milk flavored cream.