Fantastic Chocolate Brownie Recipe in 5 Minutes | No Gelatine and Milk | Very Tasty Dessert!

Fantastic Chocolate Brownie Recipe in 5 minutes! No gelatine and milk! Very tasty dessert! Today we’re going to show you how to make a delicious brownie dessert quickly and easily! Absolutely anyone can make this recipe because you don’t need an oven to make it! Yes, because this brownie dessert doesn’t need to be baked! Only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes cooking! And you can enjoy a delicious dessert! Your whole family and all your friends will definitely be happy about it! Watch this video from start to finish and amaze everyone with your culinary skills!


100 grams of butter

100 grams of chocolate

150ml milk

200 grams of flour

50 g powdered sugar

2 tablespoons cocoa

200ml cream

50 powdered sugar


100ml cream

100 grams of chocolate.


1. 100 grams of butter, 100 grams of chocolate, 150ml milk, melt over low heat.

2. 200 grams of flour, 50 grams of powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons cocoa. I love it when you watch my videos, it’s very motivating!

3. Shape 17 centimeters (7 inches). Cook on low heat for 8-10 minutes, let cool down.

4. 200ml cream, 50 powdered sugar, 100ml cream, 100 grams of chocolate.