Crispy Puffy Pocket Pizza | Delicious Pizza Hidden In Balloon Bread | Pizza Dumplings.

A delicious pizza is inside a crispy, balloon-like bread. It is very delicious.

Ingredient :


Olive (Optional)

Tomato Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese


Water, Salt, Sugar


1. Bacon, you can use sausages, ham or other meat instead, black olives like beads, tomato sauce. I used tomato sauce for pasta. I boiled it to reduce the liquid. Stir it over the low heat, now, it becomes nice thick sauce for pizza.

2. 220g All-purpose flour, 125ml Hot water, 1 tsp of Salt. 1.5 tsp of Sugar. You can use milk instead of water. It will be a little bit softer. Mix. Mix until you do not see any flour powder, roll. If the dough sticks, apply the flour on the cutting board. Make the dough long, cut it into 8 pieces. Fold the edges and make it round shape. Fold the edges and pinch the back to make clean shape. Cute little rounds. Cover it with the food wrap or cloth to prevent drying.

3. Apply a little flour and stretch it with the rolling pin, stretch it upto 13-14 cm. If you use milk instead of water or add 1/2 TBSP of cooking oil, it would be easy to handle the dough because it does not stick. I prefer to use only water and flour (the most simple and crispy). Make the different versions and find what you like the most. If the dough sticks more, you can apply more flour on the dough and cutting board. Put the pizza toppings on the half of the dough. Tomato sauce, bacon, olive and mozzarella cheese.

4. A egg, we need only the egg white (in the white egg . Apply the egg white at the edges. Fold it and attach the edges. Again, tomato sauce, bacon, Olive, mozzarella cheese and egg white. Fold it. It looks like a giant dumpling (pizza dumpling?). Tomato sauce, bacon (You can use other ingredients), olive (Optional), mozzarella cheese and egg white. Put ingredients inside 1cm from edges not to leak while cooking.

5. Put pocket pizza on the parchment paper or silicone paper. Bake 10 minutes in the oven pre-heated to 445°F. It is crispy and puffy.