When You Have Only Flour | Crispy Bread | Super Simple and Delicious!

When you do not have anything to eat except flour, you can still make very delicious dish. It is simple but very delicious.


1. Flour

2. Water


1. 300g All-purpose flour, 200ml Hot water, 1 tsp of Salt, 2 tsp of Sugar. Pour hot water into the flour. Mix evenly until you do not see the flour powder. Dough is done quickly.

2. Flour the cutting board to prevent the dough from sticking, play with the dough for a while. Spread the dough widely and roll it, cut into 8 pieces. I feel good when the dough is cut smoothly. Fold the end of the dough back and you will get round shape Round. The cute ball is made in an instant. 8 Cute balls. Cover them with a food wrap or a cloth not to dry out.

3. Apply the flour on the rolling pin if needed, apply flour and flatten the ball. Spread with the rolling pin.Flat, it is about 15cm in diameter.

4. Pour enough cooking oil. Pre-heat the cooking oil enough over the high heat. Pour the cooking oil carefully over the bread while frying.
Flip it over when the bottom turns to light brown. If you gently stroke the surface, it will swell better. It is puffed up like the shape of donut. It feels good to see the dough rise. It looks really crispy.