How to Make Delicious Desserts Without Oven | Old Fashioned Cake Donut | Buttermilk Glazed Donut

Want to make delicious desserts without an oven? It is an old fashion cake donut that is light on the outside and very soft and sweet on the inside.Unlike regular donuts, it has a very soft texture. If you eat it with coffee, you will go straight to heaven.


[8cmx4cm, 12 pieces]

✤ Dough

250g Soft flour

40g Room temperature unsalted butter

60g (6Tbsp) Sugar

3g(1tsp) Salt

32g, 2 Egg yolk

5g(0.5Tbsp) Vanilla oil

10g(1Tbsp) Baking powder

2g(1tsp) Baking soda (can be omitted)

108ml Buttermilk (or 100ml room temperature milk + 8g vinegar (1Tbsp))

✤ Glazed

300g Sugar powder

80g (10Tbsp) Water


1. 100ml Room tempurature milk, 8g (1Tbsp) Vinegar. Buttermilk is made to give it a soft and light texture. Milk coagulated, 40g Room temperature unsalted butter, 60g (6Tbsp) Sugar, 3g (1tsp) Salt. Mix the butter and sugar well, 32 g, 2 Egg yolks, 5g (0.5Tbsp) Vanilla oil.

2. Add yolk and mix, 250g Soft flour, 10g (1Tbsp) Baking powder, 2g (1tsp) Baking soda.

3. Filter the powdered ingredients finely through a sieve. Add the prepared buttermilk and mix. Buttermilk makes the outside light and soft inside. If the dough is well mixed. Put it in a plastic bag and seal it. Harden in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour (up to 24 hours).

4. 1 hour later, soft flour, sprinkle with flour. Then shape it into a square. Smooth it out with a roller. About the thickness of a finger, cut off the end, cut into 2 finger-wide pieces, 8cm width, 4cm vertical. Insert the scabbard in the middle to a medium depth. Swollen finger size. Gather the remaining dough. Make the same, when the dough is dropped into oil. When it floats slowly, preheating is complete (about 150~160℃).

5. Put the scabbard side up. Cook on low heat for about 2 minutes. When the back side turns brown, flip it over. Turn over and cook for another 2 minutes. When both front and back are brown, take them out. 300g Sugar powder, 80g (10Tbsp) Water. Finished in a slightly thin state.

6. Fully cooled donuts. Shake off as much as possible. Only the front side is coated.