Strawberry Crepe Cake | Making Strawberry Crepe Cake So Unique

I made a strawberry crepe cake topped with soft jelly filled with strawberry flavor. I baked the crepe in a square pan and looked around it, and it looked neat and tidy. The puree is made with frozen strawberries so that it is not too sweet, and it is added with cream in the middle to give it a really full strawberry flavor. The white chocolate cream gives it a more luxurious flavor and I think it goes well with the strawberry flavor. The jelly on top is very soft and has a soft feel, so you can eat it with the melted green crepe when you put it in your mouth. Since it’s summer, the cream melts quickly at room temperature, so it’s better to freeze it in the freezer before eating.

▶Mold size: 15cm x 7cm.


4 Eggs

50g Sugar

1g Salt

3g Vanilla extract

200g Cake flour

3g Strawberry powder

500g Milk

70g Melted unsalted butter

200g Frozen strawberry

40g Sugar

5g Lemon juice

100g White couverture chocolate

50g Warm heavy cream

400g Cold heavy cream

30g Condensed milk

2g Vanilla extract

50g Strawberry puree

20g Sugar

150g Hot water

6g Gelatin


1. Add sugar, salt, and vanilla extract to the egg and mix, then sift the flour, add a little milk, and mix without lumps.

2. Add all the remaining milk, mix, add melted butter, mix, add a little color, mix, filter through a sieve, and rest in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

3. Put frozen strawberries in a pot, add sugar, and boil over low heat. When the viscosity becomes thick, add lemon juice and boil for a while, then cool in the refrigerator.

4. Fry 2 crepes in a square pan, and fry the rest of the crepes in a round pan and cool.

5. Prepare the cooled round crepe by cutting it into a 15cm mold.

6. Melt the white chocolate in a hot water bath, add hot whipped cream, mix well, add condensed milk and vanilla extract to the whipping cream, whip 50%, then add the melted white chocolate and whip to make a hard cream.

7. Put a Teflon sheet on the inside of the mousse mold, put a crepe, squeeze the cream, and repeat. Then, put strawberry puree on top of the cream, put the crepe on top, and repeat.

8. Put the cream on top, flatten it and harden it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

9. Remove the mold, remove the Teflon sheet, and cut the crepes in a square pan to the length and put them on the cake.

10. Put a Teflon sheet or Mousse strip on it and freeze it in the freezer for 1 hour.

11. Mix the strawberry puree with sugar and hot water, add the soaked gelatin, mix well, strain through a sieve, and harden in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

12. Cut the strawberry jelly with a knife and place it on the cake for decoration.