3 Ingredients | Double Crispy Fried Potatoes | Potato Roll Chips, Potato Snacks

I really like potato chips, so I made this. It has several layers, so it is very light and delicious to chew. The ingredients are so simple and the recipe is so easy. You can have a very hearty potato chip with one potato.

✤ Ingredients

1 Potato

Corn Starch (Potato Starch Available)

Wooden skewers

✤ Toppings




– Put a small amount of potatoes in a pot and fry them to make them more crispy.

– Put potatoes and starch in a plastic bag at once and shake to apply faster.


1. Potatoes peeled, slice it thinly. Rinse lightly in cold water to prevent browning (optional), remove the water , corn starch powder, put one more layer on top. Starch powder again.

2. It is also good to put starch and potatoes in a plastic bag and shake to apply, after rolling it. Fasten with wooden skewers. There is also a way to attach it long and roll it up.

3. Now add the potatoes to the heated oil. Flip back and forth and take care, crunchy to the middle. When the tip starts to turn light brown, take it out.

4. After cooling, remove the wooden skewers, salt, parsley. Add salt or desired seasoning and mix. Even before I eat, I feel like I’m going to become a prisoner of potatoes. Wow, this wonderful crunchiness, rolled up and twice as crispy.