Have You Ever Eaten Milk and Chocolate Like This | It Tasted More Delicious Than Expected. No Oven

Hello everyone this time I made a quick and easy recipe.


1 Cup milk powder (125 grams)

100 ml hot water

6 Oreos (can use any brand)

150 grams of Chocolate


2 tbsp cashews or any type of nuts.


1. 1 cup milk powder (125 grams), 100 ml of hot water, stir and mix well. 6 Oreos.

2. Low flame, cook on low flame until it doesn’t stick. Become a dough that is easy to form, add oreos. Don’t stir too much.

3. Grease with oil, make a rectangular shape , compact. Store in the freezer 20-30 minutes. 150 grams of chocolate, 2 Tbsp cashews.

4. Coat the milk with chocolate, wait for the chocolate to harden. Ready to be served.