Added Other Flavor In Opera cake | Amazing! And Neat Layers

Hi. This cake is the Opera Cake everyone loves.However, most of the opera cake recipes seem to be the same. So I modified it a bit. It tastes similar to a classic opera cake, but it’s slightly different. It’s not too sweet at all. I think it’s just the right amount of sugar for an opera cake. I am sure you will love it. I recommend you watch the and try making it.


♥︎ Coffee Milk Caramel

100g hot heavy cream

4g Instant coffee powder

13g water

40g sugar

110g condensed milk

1.5g baking soda

♥︎ Coffee Milk Caramel Buttercream

120g buttercream

110g of coffee milk caramel

3g vanilla bean paste

5g Khalua

♥︎ Chocolate Ganache

85g dark chocolate

85g hot heavy cream

♥︎ Chocolate Biscuit sheet (29×39 cm)

160g eggs

70g sugar

100g almond flour

16g cocoa powder

24g cake flour

100g egg whites

50g sugar

20g melted butter

6g vanilla extract

♥︎ Chocolate Glaze

100g dark chocolate

15 g vegetable oil


100 g espressokaffe

35 g sukker

6 g Kahlua


100 g varmt vann

Instant kaffepulver 6g

35 g sukker

6 g Kahlua

♥︎ Ganache-ramme (15x15x1,5 cm)


1. First make the coffee milk caramel. Dissolve instant coffee powder in hot whipped cream, put water and sugar in a pot and bring to a boil over medium heat. Remove from the heat when golden brown. While it is still hot, pour in the coffee whipped cream little by little, add condensed milk heated to 40 degrees, bring it on the heat back, simmer for 1 minute on medium low heat. Baking soda upgrades the taste of caramel. Trust me. Stir well until homogenous. Let it sit for a while and the white foam will subside. Put the finished coffee milk caramel in a bowl and, let it cool completely at room temperature for a day.

2. cream soft butter eave at room temperature. not cold at all, at medium speed for 3 minutes. Even it completely cooled, at room temperature, the caramel may be thinner than this, add according to the recipe amount anyway, whip enough at low speed. Pour hot cream over the dark chocolate and set for 1 minute, melt the chocolate while stirring it from the center with a spatula. Chocolate ganache is ready. Cool completely at room temperature.

3. Sift all the flour and powder ingredients, beat eggs and mix in sugar. Place a bowl in hot water pot and melt the sugar stirring it, when the temperature of the egg reaches 42 degrees, stop bath, whip at high speed for 3 minutes. Add the sifted flour to the egg, whip at medium speed for 6 minutes, add sugar in 3 times, mix 1/3 of the meringue first. Add all the meringue and mix, add melted butter (50_©) and mix well.

4. I cut 2 sheets of 15x15cm in size and cut out two half pieces to make one more sheet of the same size, the sheets are 9~10mm thick. If you use ganache frame like this, it is good to have even cream or ganache layers, put enough coffee syrup.

5. Take half of the buttercream and spread evenly. Put it in the freezer for 5 minutes, remove the ring with a warm knife. Put this layer in the refrigerator. I have one ring. Washed and used again for next layer. 6. Next, put all the ganache. Please take a look at the ganache consistency. It is shiny and thick, but not hard. Place the first layer stored in the refrigerator right above this. Set it in the refrigerator.
Finally, fill in the remaining buttercream, put it in the refrigerator to harden completely. Melt the chocolate, when the chocolate reaches 29 degrees, pour it over the cake. Put it in the refrigerator to harden. Let me try the special opera cake with coffee milk caramel. Not too sweet, just right.