The Ultimate Milk Flavorful Cake Recipe… AMAZING | It Just Melts In Your Mouth

📢 Ingredients

1 egg

18g water

3g non-fat milk powder

15g cooking oil

25g cake flour

20g sugar

160g heavy cream

27g condensed milk

8g non-fatmilk powder

📢 Recipe 

1. Cooking oil, place the baking paper on the oven pan. 1 egg, separate the yolk from the white, 18g water, 3g non-fat milk powder, cooking oil 15g. Mix well.

2. 25g cake flour, take it once through a sieve, mix well with a hand whisk, 1 egg white. Make meringue with a hand mixer, if there is a small bubble at this time, 20g sugar, add sugar(20g) in 3 divided portions, one ladle, mix well. Put the yolk dough into the white, mix from bottom to top without stirring.

3. I’ll put it in the piping bag, squeeze on the oven pan, get 8. 150°C (300°F) 25 minutes. I’ll take it out of the oven and let it cool.

4. 160g heavy cream, 2g condensed milk, 8g non-fatmilk powder. Let’s make it cream. A cream that will make your eyes round when you taste it. Now I’m going to apply the cream all over the place, then turn it over on a plate. Apply it on the front, side and back. Lastly, sprinkle the milk powder. It’s really tasty. It’s full of milk flavor and I don’t think I can eat other cakes anymore.