You Will Definitely Stop Buying Bread After Learning This Recipe | Simple, Healthy and Delicious


220ml warm milk

42g honey

3g active dry yeast

300g whole wheat flour

3g salt

30ml olive oil

50g chopped mix nuts and cranberries


1. 220ml warm milk, 42g honey. Mix well, 3g active dry yeast. Mix and wait 5 minutes, 300g whole wheat flour, 3g salt. Mix well, 30ml olive oil. Knead the dough. Cover and rise until double size.

2. Unsalted butter. The loaf pan size is 9×5 inches, spread the butter evenly. Move the dough to a work surface, sprinkle some flour, fold the dough , sprinkle some flour, flatten the dough with a rolling pin, the dough should be about 35x20cm.

3. 50g chopped mix nuts and cranberries. Sprinkle evenly on the dough. Roll up the dough from one of the short ends. Pinch the edges.

4. Place the loaf in a baking pan. Cover and rise until double size. Bake for 30 minutes at 375F/190C, cover the top with tinfoil when the outside is golden brown.

5. Place on a rack to cool, mix 2tsp honey and 1tsp water. Brush the honey water on the bread (optional). Cut it open to see the inside. The bread is so soft and fluffy! This bread is super easy to make and it’s super delicious!