Sweet and Savory Almond Cookie Recipe | Making Simple Snack

📢 Ingredients

80g of unsalted butter

60g of sugar

1g of salt

0.5g of baking powder

1 egg

90g of cake flour

1/2 tablespoon of milk

110g of almond powder

📢 Recipe

1. 80g of unsalted butter, 60g of sugar, 1g of salt, 0.5g of baking powder. Mash the butter and mix the ingredients well, when butter is creamy, it’s done. We need to pour egg into the creamy butter, break an egg, beat the egg, pour the egg dividing 3 times. Mix well so that the egg is deeply absorbed.

2. Now it’s creamy! Second dropping of egg. Repeat the same process. Now, pour the remaining egg. One more effort for delicious cookies.

3. 90g of cake flour, sift it. Mix the flour well, until flour turns yellow 110g of almond powder. When the almond powder and dough come together, scoop up the dough. Put it in a container. Cover and refrigerate for 30 to 40 minutes.

4. Dough that meets again, scoop up about 25g. Make it round, if you’re done, press it with your palm to make it flat. Make a nice shape, 6diagonal lines. I want some egg to apply on it.

5. The egg yolk, 1/2 tablespoon of milk. Mix them, apply it evenly on the top. Taking to the oven. Oven, preheat to 170℃ and bake for 20 minutes. Delicious almond butter cookies. Crispy and sweet, super savory.