[No oven] If You Have Flour and Potato at Home, EVERYONE Can Make These Two Delicious Recipes.

No oven] If you have flour and potato at home, EVERYONE can make these two delicious recipes. This is a compilation of my two favorite potato bread recipes! Can be made without an oven! It’s so cheap, easy, and delicious! Hope everyone loves them!

Recipe 1# Few people know this cheap and easy recipe with 4 small potatoes!

Water 150ml

Active dry yeast 3g/1tsp

White sugar 12g/1tbsp

Flour 250g/1+2/3cups

Salt 3g/0.5tsp

Olive oil 15g/1tbsp

4 Small potatoes 320g

Milk 2tbsp

Salt 1/2tsp

Black pepper 1/4tsp

Red pepper powder 1/4tsp

Green onions or parsley 15g

Cheese 30-50g(optional)

Recipe 2# A famous potato bread recipe! I make it almost once a week!

180ml water

12g white sugar

3g Active dry yeast

Mix well

300g All-purpose flour

3g salt

15ml olive oil

420g potatoes

600ml water


Black pepper to taste


20g green onion

28g softened unsalted butter

Prepare 80g of mozzarella cheese

* For frying

1. Low heat, add some oil or butter to the pan. Brush the oil , place the rolls into the pan. Fry for 5 minutes on low heat. Flip over and fry for 3 minutes. Continue to fry until both sides are golden brown.

2. After frying, these rolls are so delicious! the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and tasty! After baking , place on a rack to cool , they look very good! These baked rolls are also super delicious and tasty! This recipe can be baked and fried!