Cruffin ( croissant +muffin) | Delicious and Artistic Puff Pastry Muffin

For today’s baking, I made “Cruffin,” a compound word for croissants and muffins. You can make it a little more comfortable than a croissant . It is such a bread that you can definitely feel the flavor of butter. It is also fun to eat layer by layer .


170g Bread flour

130g All-purpose flour

25g Sugar

5g Salt

6g Instant dry yeast

150g Warm water

50g Unsalted butter

150g Unsalted butter for filling

📢 Recipe

1. Put bread flour and all-purpose flour into bowl. Add sugar, salt and instant dry yeast. Pour warm water. Mix it by spatula.When it is almost mixed, knead it by hand until it becomes a loaf.

2. When the dough is kneaded smoothly without dust powder, add room temperature unsalted butter and knead it. Knead the dough until the butter is absorbed and the dough is not sticky. Knead the dough until thin film is formed when the dough is stretched.

3. Roll round the dough and put it in bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke a hole in the plastic wrap. Let the dough rise until double or double and a half time in size at warm place (1st rise).

4. If the dough is not stick to your finger when you prick the dough with a finger, it means the dough rises well. Divide the dough into 4 loaves by measuring the weight. After rolling round the dough, cover with wet cotton stuff and put a pause for about 15 minutes.

5. Whisk the unsalted butter for filling placed at room temperature for smooth texture. After dredging with dusting flour, roll out the divided dough into oval. Roll out the dough to be the longest and thinnest again.

6. Spread butter on the dough. Roll up the dough from backward to forward. Cut the center of dough(4 loaves become 8 loaves. Roll the cut dough slightly and roll it up. Put each one into muffin pan.

7. Let the dough rise until one and a half time or double in size at room temperature (2nd rise).(When rising dough in warm place, butter is melted and layers don’t formed so let the dough rise at room temperature.) Bake 195℃ for 20-25 minutes in the preheated oven.