English Muffin | Eggless, No Butter | English Muffin Recipe To Use Until You Become a Grandmother

Ingredients (8 English muffins)

240g milk, 7g instant dry yeast

15g sugar, 5g salt, 20g cooking oil (excluding olive oil)

Bread flour 350g

Corn flour or whole wheat flour


1. 240g milk, 7g instant dry yeast, 15g sugar, 5g salt, 20g cooking oil (excluding olive oil), 350g flour (bread flour). Mix gently and leave for 15 minutes. Kneel for 4-5 minutes.

2. Follow the same actions as the video for 5-7 minutes. Ferment until size is 2-3 times (about 1 hour). How to make English muffin mold: Cut thick paper into 33 cm and 3 cm. Wrapped in aluminum foil.

3. After about an hour, the dough is divided into 8 pieces. Make the surface smooth. Leave for 15 minutes.

4. Cooking oil, 15 minutes later) Cornmeal or whole wheat flour. You can make it without an English muffin mold. Ferment until the size is doubled (about 1 hour).

5. Bake it by pressing the oven pan over cooking paper (foil). 170-180 (338-356 ) / 10-13 min (depending on oven specification).