Do You Have Oranges? | Make This 3-Ingredient Jelly Candy Without Gelatin | Orange Dessert

This time I made my favorite orange jelly candy with 3 ingredients without gelatin.


200 ml of sour orange juice

200 ml sugar

7 grams of agar agar powder

*powdered sugar for sprinkling (you can use it or not)


1. 200 ml of orange juice, 200 grams of sugar, 7 grams of agar agar powder. Mix well. Add yellow food coloring if needed.

2. Cook on medium to low heat, keep stirring, cook until quite thick. If the candy is not thick enough it will crack when rolled, but if it’s too thick, the candy will be hard. Pan size 26×26 cm.

3. 2 hours later. Cover the ends with paper. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Roll while compacted. Be careful not to touch the ends with powdered sugar, so they can stick together. Cut into pieces. Can be served immediately or,

4. If you want to keep it longer, dry it first leave it in the open 24 hours. Can also be dried in the sun +-2 days, after drying put it in a jar.