Delicious And Easy New Recipe | Street Food | Have You Ever Eaten Potatoes Like This

Hello everyone, this time I made french fries with a new recipe delicious and easy way.


200 grams of potatoes

1 teaspoon broth powder or salt

75 grams cheddar cheese

1 small egg

150 grams Potato or tapioca starch (it is not recommended to use cornstarch because the texture is very different)

Water For boiling Potato

Water for boiling potato balls

Oil for frying

Eat potatoes while still warm or hot (friying just before serving)


1. 200 grams of potatoes, 1 teaspoon broth powder / salt, one small egg, 75 grams of cedar cheese, 150 grams of potato starch / tapioca. Knead well. Not sticky but still soft.

2. 1 tablespoon cooking oil, make potato balls, put in hot water. Cook on medium heat until it floats.

3. Coat with potato starch. Coat the inside with potato starch.

4. Put in half hot oil, fry on medium heat until golden. Best served warm. When everyone is asleep, I eat. I love spicy.