Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake | Lotus Biscoff Easy To Make and Taste Incredible

Hello, I made a cheesecake that everyone will love with one of my favorite cookies, lotus. I made homemade Lotus spread and put it in cheesecake cream. Making the spread is also very simple, easy to make. As the spread, you may use a shop bought Lotus biscoff spread. However, the sugar content of the products is different, so adjust it according to your taste. This cake goes really well with an Americano or tea. Try making a savory,soft , andcreamy Lotus cheesecake.

 📢 Ingredients

♥︎Lotus Biscoff Spread

Lotus Biscoff Cookies 120g

1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

120g condensed milk

30-40g milk

34g Butter

♥︎ Cookie Base

120g Lotus Cookies

40g melted butter

♥︎ Lotus Cheese Cream

260g cream cheese

140g Lotus Biscoff Spread

4g vanilla extract

12g lemon juice

4g gelatin

180g heavy cream

35g sugar

28g lotus cookies crushed

♥︎ Others

6 decorative cookies

 📢 Recipe

1. As always… Eat well and think about our diet tomorrow.First you need to make Lotus Biscoff spread,you may also use sho-bought lotus spreads . However, the sugar content may be different, so you need to adjust it. Grind the cookies finely in a blender.

2. Add cinnamon powder and lukewarm condensed milk, add milk. Adjust thickness with milk as desired . I put 30g, add very soft butter at room temperature. The spread is pretty warm because it’s been ground in a blender. The amount of spread is enough to make twice this lotus cheesecake, cool until lukewarm.

3. Make a cake base with crushed Lotus cookies, add melted butter and mix evenly. Place the cookies flat on the bottom and press down firmly.

4. Now make lotus cream,add the Lotus spread you made. Mix in soaked and melted gelatin. Whip lightly heavy cream and sugar. Add whipped cream and mix. Finally, roughly crush the cookies and put in the cream.