Spring Sunshine Flavored Cake | Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake

This cake is an orange chocolate mousse cake filled with orange flavor. There is no such thing as a sweet dessert suitable for a refreshing and warm spring day. A long time ago, one of my subscriber personally requested me to make a cake with orange and chocolate. I am making it now. It’s very late, but I hope she sees it. This is a really refreshing and sweet delicious mousse cake. It’s also really simple to make. Please enjoy the video and make it by all means.


♥︎ Cookie Base

Oreo Cookies (without cream) 70g

melted butter 25g

♥︎ Dark Chocolate Mousse

30g Dark Chocolate (Callebaut 57.9% )

30g hot heavy cream

55g cold whipped cream

1 g gelatin

♥︎ Milk Chocolate Mousse

30g Milk Chocolate (Callebaut 33.6%)

30g hot heavy cream

55g cold whipped cream

1 g gelatin

♥︎ Hot Orange Juice

120g orange juice

8g orange zest

♥︎ Orange Mousse

60g White chocolate (calibout 28% )

60g hot orange juice

110g cold whipped cream

1 g gelatin

♥︎ Orange Jelly

60g hot orange juice

20g sugar

2g gelatin

♥︎ Others

A little coating dark chocolate, Initial stamp,

Orange flesh, Chervil (herb)


1. First, make cookie base. Crush the Oreo cookies finely, add melted butter and mix well. I used an customized acrylic cylinder, it is good to see the side well while making mousse cake. Put 30g of crushed cookie on the bottom each. Press down the cookie base evenly. Press firmly with a flat-bottomed cup.

2. Make the dark chocolate mousse, melt the dark chocolate, pour in the hot heavy cream and mix. Usually, it is melted by pouring hot heavy cream on the chocolate right away. Since the amount of it is too small, it cools quickly, so I melted it separately and then mixed it. I added 7g of pre-made gelatin mass (1g gelatin + 6g water). When the gelatin is completely desolved, cool to 34℃.

3. Whip the heavy cream needed for the mousse at once. Store in the refrigerator and use as needed at a time. Mix 55g of whipped cream with chocolate cooled to 34℃, at first, add only a small amount and mix first. This is to reduce the shock caused by the temperature difference between the two ingredients. This will prevent the mousse cream from setting quickly at room temperature. Mix in rest of the whipped cream.

4. Divide the dark chocolate mousse cream into thirds and put it in the mousse ring, set in the frezer. Next is milk chocolate mousse. The method is the same as dark chocolate mousse, set in the freezer.

5. Prepare the orange zest, prepare orange juice, You need 120g of orange juice, but. The zest absorbs and the moisture evaporates as you boil. So, prepare little more.

6. Melt the white chocolate, once it starts boil, remove frome the heat, strain the orange zes. Pour 60g of hot orange juice into the melted white chocolate and mix. When it cools down to 34 degrees, mix with whipped cream. Add some of the 110g whipped cream and mix. Add the rest of the whipped cream and mix well. Now take half of the orange mousse. Add Orange and yellow food coloring. Place in the freezer until the top surface hardens, pour over the remaining half of the orange mousse. Put in the freezer to harden for at least 4 hours.

7. Make orange jelly, cool to 30℃. I’ll make my favorite chocolate garnish. Melt the coated chocolate on vinyl or parchment paper and squeeze it smaller than a coin. Remove the water of the cold stamp, lightly place it on top of the chocolate. Count 10 seconds, remove the stamp.

8. When the orange jelly is completely set, I put it back in the freezer to make the side of the mousse firmer. By the way,I have something more difficult than cake decorations. The green tea cracker base goes really well with the raspberry cheesecake. That is… how to show you eating dessert beautifully.