Sausage Egg Toast | Make A Simple Breakfast Sandwich Look So Delicious And So Elegant

Because everyone knows the taste, I made a more mouth-watering sausage ryegal toast. I baked a small-sized sausage with an egg in a barrel, and it was hearty and full of flavor. If I put sausages in a barrel to make toast, I thought the cross section would be different, but when I cut them, the sausages were lined up in a row, so it was delicious. Grilled sausage makes it even more delicious and has a funky texture. I had a slice of cheddar cheese that was stretched out, so I tried it, but the cheese leaked out and it turned out to be more delicious. It’s a combination that can’t be tasteless, so I think it’s a toast that can be crispy.


4 Eggs

5g Sugar

0.5g Salt

10 Sausages

4 slices of Bread


4 Slice Cheddar Cheese

Cooking oil

Unsalted butter


1. Crack the eggs, put them in a beaker, add sugar and salt, and mix well.

2. Place 5 sausages on a square pan, turn them over and bake them evenly. After collecting them to one side, pour in egg water and bake to the size of a sausage.

3. When one side is cooked, turn it over and pour a little egg water into it so that it goes under the sausage, then bake it while shaping it.

4. Spread butter (at room temperature) thinly on both the front and back sides of the bread and bake both sides over low heat.

5. Sprinkle ketchup on the bread and top with cheddar sliced cheese, then put the sausage egg on top and cheddar cheese.

6. Cover with other bread topped with ketchup and let the cheese melt slightly, then turn over and bake a little more before taking it out.