[No-Oven] Strawberry Cream Donut | The Secret of Fluffy Bread Dough

It’s a donut recipe that’s as delicious as buying it. Fresh strawberries and cream explode in your mouth, and the bread is fluffy. Feeling more delicious than buying it? You can change the fruit according to the season to make it.

📢 Ingredients

[8 pieces / 8~9cm]

✤ Donut dough

300g Bread flour (can be use all-purpose flour)

54g, 1 Room temperature egg

45g (4.5Tbsp) Sugar

5g (1.5tsp) Salt

5g (0.8Tbsp) Instant dry yeast

140ml Warm milk

40g Room temperature unsalted butter

✤ Whipped cream

300g Heavy cream

30g Sugar

✤ Toppings


Strawberry syrup (optional)

Sugar Powder

📢 Recipe

1. 5g (4.5Tbsp) Sugar, 5g (0.8Tbsp) Instant dry yeast, 140ml Warm milk. It completely dissolves the yeast, 54g Room temperature eggs, 300g Bread flour, 5g (1.5tsp) Salt. After coating the flour with salt, mix all ingredients.

2. Now I’m going to make it by hand, if the dough is moist without raw powder, 40g Room temperature unsalted butter. Finally add butter and knead. If you tear it up with both hands and knead it, it will mix quickly, if the butter permeates well and the dough becomes smooth. Ferment in a warm place (36℃~37℃) to 2-3 times the size.

3. Divide the dough into 8 equal parts, round into a ball shape. Let it ferment again to double the size (about 30 minutes). Dough that has doubled in size is degassed and formed into a ball again. If you want the softness that you buy, make sure to ferment it for the 3rd time. Ferment again to double the size at room temperature (about 30 minutes).

4. Cook on low heat slowly until the inside, turn over when the back is brown. Keep the heat as low as possible so it cooks through to the inside. When the front and back are brown, take it out. Let cool for a while.

5. 300g Heavy cream, soak the ball in cold ice water, stir at high speed, 30g (3Tbsp) Sugar. Divide the sugar into 3 portions. Finish with hard whipped cream.

6. Now put it in a piping bag. Strawberry, cut the strawberries into small pieces. Cut the cooled donuts in half. Put the whipped cream around in a circle. Strawberry syrup, add the cut strawberries. Put the cream on top again. Close the lid, sugar powder. The snowy scenery makes my heart flutter whenever I see it. Snow-covered strawberry garden, let’s go sightseeing with my mouth.