Edible Japanese Candy | How to Make Edible Japanese Candy Jewelry

I made Japanese candies that look like jewels in this post .The surface is hard, but the inside feels like jelly. It’s like a gemstone.


Food colouring

250g Sugar

4 g agar

150 g water

Orange Flower Water


1. First, prepare the food coloring, mix sugar and agar, add water and heat it up.

2. When it comes to a boil, turn the heat to low and cook for about 5 minutes. Add flavor to it with orange flower water. You can also use rum or brandy.

3. Divide it into three bowls, add food coloring little by little. I mixed a little blue with green to make it look like an emerald colour. Cool it in the fridge. It’s a very beautiful color!

4. Cut it into 4 pieces. Tear the jelly with your hands, it makes the texture of gemstones. I put some oil lightly on the wire mesh. Let them dry for 2 days, turn them over after 24 hours. 48 hours later. The surface has become hard enough like candy. The surface is hard, but the inside feels like jelly.